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Great day in the Vicos Gorges

Waking up between cows and a stunning view over Ioannina. We slept at the paraglider launch up on 1400 m. During the night some hunters crossed the field. They are hunting for bears, pinqs and rabbits at this season. They told us not to leave food outside because of the bears. We would love to see one today around the Vicos Gorges.

The little roads down there are exhausting to drive…. It’s a National Park with tree’s… trees everywhere. Until you get a view …. Amazing.
We also found some of the old bridges with semi-circuit arches – parts of this Unesco heritage area around Zagori. Our little friend Lena (5) named them camel-bridge and I know now why 😊.

The temperature in this season is still around 28 degrees during sunny days. As usual we try to avoid the tourist attraction view points so we decide to catch a view on the Vicos Gorges from out Viradeto after a little walk. The Vicos Gorges is one of the deepest in Europe. The wide and deep space between the rock walls reminds more on a canyon in USA than in the North of Greece.
We stayed awhile just enjoying this calmness and view. It would be great to fly over it but this is not allowed…
But if we hurry up there is still time for a sunset fly from the place around Ioannina, where we flew the day before. Why not! Wind and weather and sunset is perfect.
After a landing beer with some very nice local pilots we could stay at the the landing field between sheep’s for the night.

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