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3 great days at Mt Dimatz / Dilijan NP

Prepared for two days in the mountains we are leaving the Unimog at Haghartsin Monastery and start our 24 km hike over the Mt. Dimats towards Hovk village/Teghut.https://hikearmenia.org//all-trails/trail/holy-cliff
1300m altitude over 8km only steep up the mountain- it’s described as a tough hike and not for beginners! Because of the weather we left late but we took the tent to stay up in the mountain.
It’s moving on slowly but it’s a great hike: leaving the forest, crossing wild horses and arriving at the cliff of the Dimats Mountain on about 2500m above sea level late in the afternoon.

The forecast is right: we’ll get a thunderstorm. Quick we set up our bivoc, and cook/eat to be ready and in our shelter and sleeping-bags just in time. But the temperature drops down and it start snowing. Pffff we are not prepared for such a cold night.

There’s only one good decision: getting back down from the mountain. Tired and with headlights we are hitting down in the dark… It takes us two hours for arriving exhausted at our truck: but after a warm shower in our warm bed in the truck.

We want to be back on this mountain- so we try to reach it with the Unimog- it’s a steep hard 4×4 trail. What a great overnight place.

It also seems to be a astounding place to paraglide. A couple times we walk up from the cliff to the launch with our paragliders, waiting for the right conditions: but the wind is too hard and too gusty. Watching the birds soaring along the ridge. Let’s try it again tomorrow.

In the morning we have to help and save Arthur, an Armenian crazy guy we know from Yerevan who wanted to surprise us on the mountain and got stucked on the bad muddy trail.

In the meanwhile we recognized that some tour guides coming up the mountain with different 4×4/off road vehicles with their guests, mainly Russians, and huge music blasters, some food and drinks. It’s really fun and they want to take a lot of pictures/videos with us, of the truck and the most with Basco! And when they leave: the silence is back!

Even with a bright blue sky in the morning the wind condition doesn’t change. After another 2 hours of para-waiting at the launch we give it up.
No flying here for us….

We show you some bird view pictures we made with the drone (search the Unimog!). You probably understand why we are disappointed that we can’t fly from this mountain but have to drive down (what is also kind of spectacular).

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