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Along the turquoise coast up to Antalya

We are leaving Ölüdeniz after a real good time.
We take the road along the Mediterranean coast up to Antalya.

Kas is a beautiful harbor village with a lot of little restaurants, an ancient site and a huge marine. Our place for the night is astounding with a strong storm during the night.

Coming closer to Antalya also means: beaches, tourist shops, huge resorts and sunny warm weather on the one side. And on the other side of the road we cross the Olympus National Park. It’s a pity… the Olympus is covered with fresh snow and dark clouds hanging up in the mountains around. Otherwise we would have taken the cable car up or hike a bit…now we stop for the sun and a bath in the sea.

Antalya is just another Flip-Flop tourist city.
We did our best but we flew the city after 1h22min. 😁

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Kirstin & Vincent

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