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A big (dis)advantage of traveling a lot is that we have a greater understanding for the differences in the world than most people. This has nothing to do with arrogance, but it is very confrontation sometimes.
To our children we explain that they, and we also, could have been born in the places we visit. In the bush in Zambia or in the suburbs of Rwanda. We have done nothing to be born where we are and still it gives us this major headstart in live.
Nothing to be ashamed off, but good to realize.

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We heart a lot about surfing Hyères but also mixed information on where to surf and to kite.

There are supposed to be 250 wind days in this part of France but we have bad luck. Almost no wind for kite surfing. This is why we decided to learn to surf a foil.

So there are two kite spots.

Kitesurfing is forbidden except for two spots. One on the eastsite north from the airport and one on the westside. The wind comes mostly from the west but even when the wind is east you can kitesurf so this is cool. Both areas have a smaller, area but still plenty of room, to setup and launch your kite. Then you have to stay between the yellow buoyens till you are 300 meters from the beach. There you can kite where you feel like.

Plage de l’ Almanarre

This beach on the west side of the peninsula locates a kite beach where you can safely launch your kite. Plenty of space reserved for kite surfing.

The wind seems most of the time to come from the west. So onshore on this beach.

The sandy beach is getting deep within 20 meters. So no shallow knee deep kite surfing here. But the water is crystal clear. After you launch the kite you need to get out of the by buoyens demarcated 300 meter area. From there you are free to go.

Parking is done next to the road but officially motor homes are not allowed. We parked ours everyday without a problem.

There are no facilities at this strip so bring your own food and drinks.
Beware: The rumor has it that kites get stolen a lott here. Our bikes, although chained to the truck were stolen here!

Le Gapeau on the east side

On the east side, north of the airport is a kite spot too. Same system as on the west side for launching and kiting.

Plenty of parking space, but only for vehicles not higher then 1.9 meters. On the roadside are a couple of large places to park big rigs next to the road behind a bus stop in front of Hotel de la Mer – Restaurant Tom CARIANO.

The water is deep, but no waves.

This area has trees and shadow and a nearby tourist village to buy beverages.

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We started our kite holiday in Pont Mahé. Yesterday night we arrived at Penthievre Campsite.

lots of space and directly at the south side of the peninsula Quiberon. From here there is a shortcut so within 3 minute walk you are on the kite beach at the Northside. The long beach at the north-side of Penthievre has separate areas for different sports. The kite beach is opposite the campsite. See the yellow line.

Here you see the sea on the north and south shore in the middle of the peninsula
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We start getting to see the finish line.
Right now we are working at the underfloor heating system. In the first truck, we build we didn’t like the noise of the ventilator in the heat exchanger. Standing at a great quiet spot the noise was just annoying.
So we decided we want to try a water heating system. The diesel heater still makes some noise but at least there are no ventilators necessary anymore.

Also check: https://www.pamoja.earth/onshuis/unimog/

Under floorheating allmost ready
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