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Back in Albanië: Podgradec to Gromsh

Back in Albanië and stop in Podgradec on the other side of Lake Ohrid. First time we’ll stay a night on a little camp field next to a Hotel to get our laundry done.
With the bike we explore the kind of touristic center and an old iron mine …
It’s only a short stop here before we’ll cross Albania to the west coast.

Such a beautiful country with probably such a hard life…. The difference between rich and poor, mercedes or horse wagon…

The road brings us again along a canyon. Most of the Albanian lakes are manmade hydropower lakes. The few main roads are well maintained but because of the steep mountains and canyons it’s almost impossible to keep the roads okay over the rain and winter season.

Our way goes up from Pogradec over Gromsh, all along a pretty canyon up to Cerrik and Kuçovë. The stop for the night on a top of a mountain was again amazing 🤩, allthough the morning was pretty cold.

In Kuçovë we are surprised to see a lot of small oil pumps and some simply pipelines and barrels. The air in this area has this oily smell. It can’t be a huge volume- non of the big oil company are in this place.

On the road i saved our first spotted “wild” animal: a turtle.. 🐢

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