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Waking up with a sunrise after a freezing night. Driving along the Tara river further on the Panorama Road to the south east to discover the Biogradska Gora National Park. This protected nature reservoir is the smallest of Montenegro’s five national parks, but it packs a lot into its 5,650 hectares. The rainforest which is a huge part of the park is one of only three remaining virgin forests left in Europe and Unesco heritage area. Trees in the forest are up to 60m tall and 400 years old. Our 3 hours hike through the forest was a completely different nature experience than we had yesterday., not so impressive but also worth to visit.

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So we are almost back on the road again. Our youngest has finished school and before he goes to university too, like his older brother, he wants to travel for a year.

With nobody to take care of left at home, we are ready to travel also.

Although we have not really planned our trip we expect to travel fast through Germany and Austria and slow down after that.
Our dog Basco is 11 years old and coming with us, He needed Rabies and a titter in his passport.
We applied for an Iran visa, Kirstin as a German received approval within a week, I did not hear anything from the The Hague embassy.
The truck is set, Carnet de Passage is all there so we are ready to start.

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A big (dis)advantage of traveling a lot is that we have a greater understanding for the differences in the world than most people. This has nothing to do with arrogance, but it is very confrontation sometimes.
To our children we explain that they, and we also, could have been born in the places we visit. In the bush in Zambia or in the suburbs of Rwanda. We have done nothing to be born where we are and still it gives us this major headstart in live.
Nothing to be ashamed off, but good to realize.

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