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Crater lake Lake Salda

On our way to the coast we take a little detour to stop at the lake Salda… a beautiful crater lake up around 1500m above sea level with a depth reaching 196 meters.

The lake is a popular excursion spot (but no touristic facilities at all 😃) for people across the region, the more to due to the hydromagnesite mineral found in its waters.
These microbialites were once a major form of life on earth and provide some of the oldest known fossilized records of life on our planet. The results of this research is also used for prepare the mission to the Mars. (Wikipedia).

Even when we get some rain the light and the scenery is astounding: grey-black lava sand beaches with the mineral white shore and christal clear turquoise water… pine woods all around and snow mountains in the backyard.
Here it has the nickname: the Maldives of Turkey!

We take a long walk along the beach and just stop somewhere at the shore for the night.

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