After spending a cosy windy great night outdoor with Ünsal, his cousin and some friends we are leaving Istanbul.

The truck is only allowed to stay in Turkey for three months , so we have to drive him out of the country before returning and staying another 3 months.
The closest boarder is to Greece or Bulgaria. We’ve never been in Bulgaria…. 🇧🇬🤗.
Sure we stop in Edirne. We don’t want to miss to visit the huge Selimiye-moskee, built in 1568-1574 and since 2011 an Unesco World Heritage. Its minarets are 71 m high and are the highest of the world. But unluckily the moskee is under renovation and inside was closed for the public.

Edirne, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, was also the centre of a rich food culture. For lunch we eat one of the most popular dishes of Edirne cuisine: fried liver.

We visit the old moskee and the Sultan Bayezid health museum, a mental health clinic out of the Ottoman Empire (now also a Unesco cultural World Heritage ).

The boarder crossing to Bulgaria is relaxed – like at other boarder crossings the officers are enthusiastic about the truck.
We want to pass some days here before returning to Turkey.

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Kirstin & Vincent

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