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Fantastic paragliding with view on Mount Ararat

Since a couple of days we have contact with the aeroclub in Armenia. The paragliding community is here very small. We really also want to fly in Armenia. Because of the military alert you have to notify the authorities before. Two helicopters are crossing the fly zone later anyways .

The forecast looks flyable for the weekend so – yes we have to drive back to Yerevan and further to the south and we will join them to fly together in Vedi.

First we spend a day in Yerevan and try to get our coffee maschine fixed. It’s kind of a disaster for Vincent as a coffee junkie that it broke down. As workout we run up the giant stairways of the Cascades The 572 stairs afford us at this sunny early morning an unobstructed view of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat.

We like Yerevan: kind of modern and also traditional, some historical buildings, all kind of art and creativity all around.

We are driving to Vedi with an almost cloudless view on Mount Ararat.

Mount Ararat is the highest point in Turkey, is located in eastern Turkey on the coast of the Araks River, 16 kilometers from Iran and 32 kilometers from Armenia. Mount Ararat actually consists of two mountains which are merged at the base: Big Ararat (5137 meters) and Small Ararat (3927 meters). The popular peak is famous not only for its beauty but also for the many stories and legends associated with it, most notably the widely-held theory that it was on Mount Ararat that Noah’s Ark landed after the Flood.
Ararat is a blessed mountain for Armenians. This mountain has miraculous beauty, and is a symbol of the motherland for Armenian.

We get two fantastic days to fly – with a group of very nice Armenian pilots – in a pretty dusty dry area and an astounding overnight spot at the launch – with the snow capped Mount Ararat as coulisse.

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