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Flying week and SIV course in Ölüdeniz

Our next destination is Ölüdeniz… one of the most popular and beautiful paragliding spots of Europe.
Arriving in Öludeniz is kind of unexpected: bars, hotels, discos – it looks like one of the famous party islands. 😳 now only a few speedwings, acropilots, wingsuite jumpers and tandems are in the air, crazy – in the summer it’s packed with all sort of pilots.

Once in the air we understand why it is so beloved under Paragliding pilots: taking a cable car and starting from up the mountain Babadag, flying between blue sky and the blue sea along cliffs, bays and lagoons, landing at the boulevard in front of some bars or at the beach. (Most of them are still closed at this early season). Perfect conditions. Everything here is about Paragliding.

After two days we decide to absolve a SIV training that means that situations might happening during your flight get simulated and proper actions will get trained.

Kind of excited but also nervous, with a swimming-rescue-west we train maneuvers like spirals and wingovers above the sea as tool to get faster to the ground and simulate full stalls as possible worst case scenario.

The temperature is like in early summer and even the water has already 18C degrees. After the flights and debriefing we enjoy the sunset at the beach and visit a beautiful bay: the Butterfly Valley just a view kilometers from Ölüdeniz.


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