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Kemeralti Bazaar in Ízmir

We arrive in Ìzmir with a grey sky.
Even when we get a perfect parking spot at the pier we take the bikes to explore the city. But our bicycle tour only gets very short… we don’t come further than to the Kemeralti bazaar.

Passing Konak Meydani with the famous clock tower, the symbol of Ìzmir, and the very small Konak moskee we park the bikes to dive into the labyrint of the browsing Kemeralti bazaar.

We are spending the whole afternoon in these uncountable narrow people-filled streets, where the juice and nut vendors just form the first front of the great maze of shops modern and traditional – accurately described as the true heart and soul of the city.

Izmir, or Smyrna in ancient Greek, has always been an important Aegean sea port, and as such, a city where people from all over the place lived and traded, mostly harmoniously.

YOU FIND EVERYTHING IN A TURKISH BAZAAR Getting lost in these crowded and colorful streets is gorgeous… unexpected treasures everywhere. No tourists here at all – no one bothered us to buy, unlike we heart of some touristic parts of Turkey. I love to buy some spices, herbs, vinegar soaked vegetables and fish, to sit in one of the little tea corners for çay and just watching the locals. People are dressed modern and we see almost non women with hidchab (headscarf).

As a lot of you know me I want to try almost everything especially in the shops with sweets: Turkish honey, nougat nuts…. Hmmmm.

Back at the Mog it starts to rain again. We search a city campsite (only third night at a campsite in our 3 month road-trip now) and spending there a sleepless night because of a Turkish wedding next to the campsite, barking dogs and trucks…..

We leave early for a run at Ìzmir’s iconic seafront promenade Kordon. Walking and bicycle paths, grassed stretches, surrounded with bars, cafes and restaurants and the iconic sea on the other side.
It’s a great morning run with beautiful sun and 18 degrees warm temperature.

Leaving the growing city with the view on the skyline from modern Ìzmir and the amazing city quarters along and up the hill.

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Kirstin & Vincent

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Clair 3 January 2023 - 20:41

Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing, hugs to you both