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Kitesurfing on the beautiful island Elafonisos

We checked the wind forecast for the next days and it said: a lot of wind at the east coast. Now we have to find a kite spot not to far from here. An local surfer from Athene named us Elafonisos, a beautiful very small island all in the east/south of the Peloponnese. Anyways great to visit but also one of the best kite spots to be the next couple windy days.
We have to take the fairy from Neapoli only around 2 km and arriving on this little pear in Elafonisos, the only small village on this island. A few houses, white-blue, fisher boats and a white little chuch, some bars and restaurants – most of them are already closed. Like a goast town – you don’t see anybody on the street, no cars, nobody on the beach. It’s really end of season!

The beaches are amazing….. sunny summer warm (27 degrees) and wind, 5-6 bft… Three days long! Perfect to kitesurf. And the whole island for us!

While we are still trying to get better kite control and handle the wind gusts, Nick is playing easily on the water with his board. Sometimes we practice self rescue or he has to pick us up somewhere downwind or save our board. Cool to have our private kite instructor! What a great quality-time together!

Today no wind…. We stay another half day on this beautiful lonely beach, taking some shots with the drone from the air (and didn’t adjust the colour of the pictures!!!) and taking the fairy to leave this great island in the early afternoon.

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