Mt Olympus

We would love to fly 🪂 somehow around or of the Mount Olympus. The launch and landing place lays in Kalyvia,, more in the southwest of the mountain. Most visitors are reaching the National Park from out the tourist village Litochoro. We reach him from out Skopia. It’s majestic to see him but – like most of the time – with the top in the clouds.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece, and the area around is since 1939 National Park. In the Greece’s mythology the highest peak, the Mytikas Peak (2917m) was/is home and meeting point of the 12 most important Greece gods and especially from Zeus.

Wind and weather forecast for paraglide is not best, so we decide to drive up the mountain. A little steep gravel/rocky road going up from this side.
Before we reach the cloud base we stop. Beautiful astounding view from 2100 m into the valley. Time enough for a hike before it’s getting too cold and dark. Wilde horses around us.

After a freezing night we wake up with a almost clear sky – even over the Olympus. Our chance to see the top when we drive further. The weather is already turning again. We were lucky: the rocky, icy and snowy 4×4 track leads us to a refuge with a perfect view on the peak.

One moment we thought about taking our split-snowboards out of the trunk and walk up but it was only an ice layer on the hill and pretty cold wind.

No flying at Mount Olympus but a little bit of great 4×4 adventure.

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Kirstin & Vincent

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