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Old town of Ayvalik and Bergama

It take us some days to figure out how Turkey feels for us. The rain wasn’t a good welcome-weather, the streets are muddy.

Today we stopped by in Ayvalik and felt a little bit in love with this city, especially the little streets, passages and the bazaar in its Old Town. It was more an old Greece village, but after the Turkey’s Independence War the Greece inhabitants had to leave to Levbos and it became Turkey 🇹🇷.

We try to figure out what the different meals on the menu are…. just to order and try… and also how much sugar we like in our çay (tea).

After this sunny day in Ayvalik the rain is back. In Pergamon we want to take the cable car up to the Acropolis, but because of the stormy rain it doesn’t work. We join a guided tourist group from Singapore up there. Even with the rain it stays an exciting site.

Cold and wet we are looking for a Hamam and find a little very old traditional one – also for woman with a separate treatment. 2 hours of sauna, scrubbing en an oily massage (12 Euro). Hmmmm great experience – haha and so we are looking forward to another rainy day like this…

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