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So we decided to drive Continental tyres HCS 14.00R20

  • Width = 377 mm
  • Diameter = 1268mm
  • Inch = 20″
  • Weight = 83,63 kilo
  • Pressure = 8 Bar max.

We drive 0.00×20 Hutchinson 2-piece aluminum rims. Hutchinson type 1233 are very strong tubeless aluminum wheels. They weight only 35 kg.
Load capacity 5600 kg.
We can change tyre without special tools.

Inside the lyres we have Hutchinson Beadlock rings. These make it possible to inflate the lyres to 1 Bar or even less. They make it a lot easier to fill the lyres with air after a tire change.

We have one complete spare wheel, tyree and rim, and also a spare tyre. I get very nervous having no spares after replacing one flat tyre.

Central tyre deflation system

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