Building Unimog 2150 Motorhome Version 1.0

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by Vincent

In 2016 we decided that our old Land Rover was not able to fit our needs anymore. The kids where growing fast and we wanted to see the cold and wet parts of the world and we where getting old ;-). Our next goal to travel to is Patagonie but we are travelling there via Nepal, Mongolie, Russia and China. As much as possible overland 4×4 at unbeaten tracks and avoiing the citys and tourist areas. Then with a boot to Alaska and after that it will be time to head south.

50 kilometers at Unimog Donald we found a Unimog strong enough to last our dreams. The chassis of this Unimog 2150 L38 is extended and enforced with steel plates. The downside is that only the truck weight is allready 6.9 tons.

Since it was originally a firetruck from France we had to remove the 6.000 liter water tank first.

The first thing was building a subframe wich can fit the version 1 and version 2 container. Since we had no idea of travelling with a big truck and a container instead of our Land Rover defender 110 with a rooftoptent would fit to us.

So we decided to buy a “Funk container” from the German army and Kirstin started cutting the windows in it right away together with son Kris.
The container was placed on the terras in our backyard at home so we could plan and work on it when we wanted to.

Test sleeping the Version 1 cabin