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by Vincent

With 2 kids, a lot of pictures and family at home, the internet is “important” to us. There we got adviced bij MCS Netherlands, a professional player in the internet connectivity market.

The appliances we use:

  • Some mobile phones
  • Laptop
  • Solar power computer Victron Color Control fixed LAN connection so we can remote check system status and get alarms
  • Photo server
  • GPS location for friends and family to see if we are still on the move. This also gives a geofence alarm when the truck is moving without us knowing.
  • Siemens Logo computer for heating switching.

Our demands:

  • When changing borders we buy a local GSM SIM with a data bundle. Our family can now use mobile data via de wifi router without needing their own data SIM. This saves money.
  • We like to use an available wifi hotspot when visiting a city or campsite with a guest wifi.
  • We like to backup our pictures to our server at home
  • We like to send new posts to our blog.
  • Router must run on 24 Volt
  • SIM change must be easy because we changes sims at every border.

Teltonika router RUT240

  • The Teltonika is industrial and therefore stable. It is always on and needs no battery or other instable technics.
  • It has an easy to change SIM slot
  • Mounting is easy with the din rail
  • The router is delivered including antennas but we mounted an external Poynting Mimo antenne. Our truck cabin does block the signal a bit.


When entering a country we most of the time buy 1 local SIM card with a data bundle.


When posible we hook up to a local wifi network. We only connect our router to this wifi network and all our appliances stay conntected to our own Pamoja wifi router.