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Temporary solution

Since we have no experience what so ever with overland units we decide to build a cheap unit to get some experience first. In this unit we want to use all the technique we find we need. In the version 2 we can reuse this or if we are lucky we will sell the complete version 1.

We simply decide for a Dornier shelter because they are cheap. To mount it on our Unimog we want to use the subframe we allready finished. On top of the subframe we mount two steal beams with Twistlocks connected to them.

A disadvantage is that our unit wil have way to much clearance and the weight is to high and therefore not stabil enough. But fot our test it will do.

The Dornier shelter is certanly not the unit to take we think. In winter time you have this coldbridge. The condensation water will be dripping from the ceiling because the dividers between the inside and outside unit are made from aluminum also. Isolation does not help you there.

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