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Because we travel with our kids and while driving we sit in the Unimog truck and they in the unit we had a problem with our music.

We would like to listen to the same music but then there is this problem when we are all in the back we still do want to enjoy the music without the speakers in the truck still on.

The Fusion RA70 is our solution, it has multiple zones so with the radio unit we can change source, change faders and stream bluetooth music with our phones. We can set different volumes for the truck and the unit.
The Fusion link app makes it possible for the boys to controle the volume levels while sitting in the unit.

What we didn’t like is that we where all in the unit and you need the Fusion app to quickly skipp a song or change the volume.

Therefore we also bought the MS-ARX70 wireless remote. With this little remote we can change source, volume, station and skipp songs. Fast and relaible.

Fusion is made for boats, with speakers inside and outside. It does not have a ignition wire so when you do not turn it off by hand you might be drain your battery. That is why we connected the radio to the Victron batteries in the unit. They last longer with the solar and all and so we avoid to have a empty truck battery.

What I still would like is that we could stream music without to connect and disconnect bluetooth connections between smartphones and de radio. It would be better to stream via our wifi router. Fusion has a solution for that but this was to expensive for us.

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