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White pools in Pamukkale

Adding the bird-view to our journey’s and adventures was one of the reasons we started with Paragliding two years ago.
How special is it to fly over this World Heritage side: the White Terraces (natural travertine formations and hot pools) in Pamukkale and the ancient city Hierapolis.
We were really lucky with the weather: 20 degrees and wind from the good direction. Even when there are no thermal activities we are enjoying these short flights a lot, and starting several times from early in the morning until late in the afternoon.
Tandem flights are (next to ballooning) very popular here, so with the local pilots it’s easy to get a lift back up to the launch.

It’s also special to visit the site by foot, first the ancient city, the theater and old bath house, than barefoot the terraces and pools. There are groeps of tourist from all over the world but mainly Chinese. It is one of Turkey’s favorite destinations because of this natural beauty. .

Pamukkale, is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. The area is famous for a carbonate mineral left by the flowing of thermal spring water.
The surface of the shimmering, snow-white limestone, shaped over millennia by calcite-rich springs, dripping slowly down the mountainside, mineral-rich waters collect in and cascade down the mineral terraces, into pools below. Splendid.

On the top of the travertine formation the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis was built. The first buildings on the site of Hierapolis appeared in the 2nd millennium BC. One of the most important sights is an ancient theater that is located on the hillside, the overall height of its steps is about one hundred meters.

Hierapolis was famous for its thermal springs and became a healing centre where doctors used the thermal springs as a treatment for their patients.
You still can visit the thermal springs, so we took our swimwear and enjoying the 37 degrees warm water.

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