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Paragliden in Ohrid / Trpejca, North Macedonie

No chance for our long overland flight in Krusevo with Koos and Daphne because of the weather. So we hope for better luck at the Ohrid lake. And indeed: beautiful day with souring, thermal and as bonus a sunset flight. The launch is up in the Galicica Nationalpark on 1500 m. We slept on the landing field in Trepejca, a little village at the Lake Ohrid. Lake Ohrid is the deepest and largest lake in the Balkan, deep blue clear water with beautiful beaches… just a highlight to fly over. A tandem pilot we met there invited us to a tour on his little boat to a small monastery only reachable via the water. This monastery has a famous frescoes from Maria get breastfeeding as baby from her mother, one of two or three of these motives worldwide. We had a funny afternoon with the Macedonia pilot Victor and we shared a landing beer with them after a amazing sunset lady-flight, only Daphne and me. Even today we have great weather to fly. We learned a lot these last weeks with Koos and Daphne about flying and: had a lot of fun and a great time with them as friends. Even when we hit the same direction and probably meet again we are going further on our own.

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