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Rose Valley, Red Valley, Love Valley in Göreme

What an amazing second day in Cappadocia!

If nature was the first artist to arrange the decor, man carved the rest, creating what is now considered a national treasure. Lava, ash, rain, wind and ice are the natural “artists” that have sculpted over millions of years Cappadocia, in central Türkiye.

We want to watch the balloons starting in the morning so we slept on a sunset point close to Göreme. We are lucky: wind and weather let the balloons start again. At 6 o’clock in the morning with 5C degrees we are outside to watch this show from close up. It’s a beautiful glowing in the dark when they get filled. Some of them only 100 meters next to the truck. Pffff again magnificant.

We leave early for a long hike across the Rose and the Red Valley. It’s so astounding that we stopped several times just sitting in this unreal nature. It’s spring and between the rock are pink bushes everywhere.

Having çay with Turkish delight later the day in Ortahisar and visiting the castle and the fairy chimneys in Ushisar. Here still some people are living in some of these rocks, guests can stay in carve-hotels and the whole city Ushisar is build in and around and between the rocks. Unreal!
We having for this region famous pottery kebab in a small restaurant before searching a place for the night.

On a small road the truck glides in this soft gravel sand and we were afraid that he will fall on his side. With help from some locals and a german couple traveling around with a Bulli digging a curl under the tires and air pressure out of the tires Vincent gained to safe the situation.

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