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Before crossing the border from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan it is imported to announce your planned crossing at least 5 days in advance via email, or  whatsapp, with the following information:

– Expected day of passage  (we where 5 days early and had to wait a night outside the border in the snow)

  • Which way TJ – KG
  • Copy of passport 
  • Copy of vehicle documents and license plate number
  • Picture of your vehicle 

At crossing the border we needed to pay US$ 15 per person for an entry permit, and to save cash we did this in advance via a website customs gave us.

We crossed via the Kyzyl Art Pass (4.282 Alt.) which is at this time of the year, 30 may 2024,  a tough ride. We had some snow and after leaving the Tajikistan border a 3 km descent with wet clay tracks and the road disturbed by water made it quite a challenging/ dangerous ride. 

After this everything went smooth. It takes almost 20 km to arrive at the exit border where they only give you a stamp when your name is on their entry list. Because we arrived 7 days early we were not on the list yet and had to wait a night outside the gate. 

At the border post there is nothing but in the next village,  Say Tash,  it is possible to buy a simcard, exchange money and get diesel. 


  • visa no
  • car tax at the border  No
  • car i surance at the border no
  • Entry fee US$ 15,- per person
  • cost for the vehicle NONE
  • Carnet the Passage NO

All though we travel with our own campertruck and only want to write about our own experiences it is maybe good to notice that we think it is for backpackers not easy to get transportation in nowhere’s land. The Tajik are not allowed to pass their own border here, and their is almost/no traffic between these borders. In the 20 hours we got stuck at this border we only saw 2 locals, living in now where land, passing the border and some custom employees. 

Op the Tajikistan site:

Leaving Tajikistan via the Kyzyl Art Pass was done in minutes. 

We got registered and we had to leave the special permit we got at entering Tajikistan. We also had to give back our personal Permit. 

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