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Leaving uzbekistan to Tajikistan

In Uzbekistan we did not do any kind of registration during our 3 weeks stay. We asked at the border at entering UZ and they told us it was not necessary anymore. At leaving UZ we were only asked if we had a drone, but no questions about permits or registrations. Our truck got roughly inspected from the inside and we where free to go.

Entering Tajikistan from Uzbekistan

We entered Tajikistan from Samarkand to Panjakent.

After passing the gate we directly had to pay, at the first little informal, office 50,- som and at the next one direct beside it another 20,- som. We do not know what for and we heard about corrupt officers, but we do not know.

Then we drove to the formal customs building and here, the formal dressed officers, told us we had to pay US$ 100,- for our truck. There is a price list where we could check the price for our vehicle.

We asked for permission to stay for 35 days in TJ and this is what we got. We also received a warning that there is a penalty in case we are overstaying. The officers where all very friendly.

After this there was only a very brief check of our truck at the exit gate and we are entering Tajikistan.

The complete crossing took us 1,5 hours.


  • No additional visa necessary for our stay
  • Exchanging cash at the border is possible. Most shops only except cash.
  • ATM’s in Dushanbe also give US$. Only in Dushanbe we could get cash and pay with our Mastercard. The rest of the country only accepts Visa cards.
  • Drone, no problem
  • SIM cards are available in Panjakent, the fist town you will pass after entering Tajikistan. We bought 60 Gb for € 17,- with Tcell.

After crossing the border do not forget to stay a night at the Seven lakes, it is beautiful there.

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