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We drove down Tanzania and after a fuelstop in Sumbasanga we decided we want to see the Kalambo Falls from the Tanzania site. 
The road is to our surprise almost completely TAR. Just before Mkowe village the Chinees are still constructing it. Between Kisumba Village and Kapasua Village the track is real 4×4. 
Although our map has nice tracks, campsites and even a road to the Zambian site, there is nothing really at the Tanzanian site. Not even the Kalambo river and the falls itself are in Tracks4Africa. (We did upload our tracks and hikes)
In the last village, right at the falls, Kapasua, there is a new gate under construction. We have to pay TZS 10.000,- for a walk to the falls and we pay TZS 5.000,- for the car guard. 
The walk takes us in 200 meters to the falls. The Kalambu river is quit small but falls over 200 meters deep. 

On this side the view is nice, but not impressive so we decide to leave the village and to come back after a night Wild Camp. 
The next morning we park the car in the little town and ask some guys to walk us to the Zambian site. 
This 2 kilometer walk has an illegal border crossing and via an old wooden pedestrian bridge we cross the river. 
In Zambia we walk through Chiungu Village. People here talk Bimba. In Tanzania it is Swahili. Together the take Loge (might me spelled wrong). 
When we arive at the Zambian site of the falls we meet an officer who wants us to pay. US$ 15,- per person. We have only some last TZS with us and after sime arguing this is what we leave here to get in. 

The Zambian site is really beautiful. Everywhere are paths and security fences. The viewpoints give you a stunning view on this impressive falls. 
After an hour we walk back and enjoy the people in the villages. 
Too bad there is really no possibility to cross the border here by car. So we have to take the long way around. 

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