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Ruins in Tlos, Xenthos and Patara

Some rainy days are interrupting our training. It’s a pity but we take the chance to visit some nice and some ancient places in the surrounding of Fethiye.
We sleep at the foot of the the archeological site in Tlos with impressive tombs and rock graves.

We stop at the Saklikent cayon but because of the rain caused risk of floating we can only explore some 100 meters. Nice anyways.

The ancient City of Xanthos with a theater and two huge pillars is also an Unesco protected heritage.
We saw a lot of ancient archeological sites until now and don’t get really enthousiast about these old stones anymore.

We have to find water and fill up our tanks. Since we are not in Europe anymore we are always filtering our water with ceramiic and carbon elements, filtering out for example unhealthy are chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides and effective against bad odor and taste.

In Patara there are some more ruins of an ancient city. But we only cross through because we want to see this 18 km long beautiful beach. This place is famous because of it’s ruins but also as a nesting beach, a protected area in the nesting season of the endangered Loggerhead turtles.

We find a little spot for the night next to this beach. Sad but true: the beach is covered with pet bottles, cans and all kind of rubbish. We grab some of them… The turtles are endangered mainly because of the plastic pollution of our seas and oceans.

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