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We got stuck in the mud with our 11.000 kilo Unimog. Close to the beach we taught we had found the perfect spot to stay over night. But then we got stuck we had to enjoy this place for 2 days 😂

The government, the city of Emam Hasan at the Persian Gulf helped us we heavy machinery to get out. We are grateful for that.

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Bright blue sky and a great sunrise in the morning. A shepherd crossing by and having coffee with us. It’s warm and sunny.

On the cliffs below Khot are the ruins of Hin Khot (Old Khot), also named the Armenian ‘Machu Picchu “. We hike the 14km long trail down, through and up the ruin city. People began living there inside caves later in the city until the 1970s when the village in the gorge was left abandoned and the residents moved.

Arriving back from our hike the shepherds waiting for us around the fireplace with selfmade Vodka.

Our experience is until now not just to visit and share the popular places here in Armenia but also those lesser-known gems that should have their place on the map.
We wonder how a tiny country like Armenia can have so many astoundingly beautiful nature and places to visit. We really like it here a lot.
We are on our way back to leave the military alert region and leaving (as usual) the main road. I couldn’t take too much pictures but we get frightened about the military presence in this region. This is not the place where we should be, so no panic but leave!

We cross the ancient Melik Tangi Bridge, taking a bath in a little natural hot spring in Vorotan and climbing up the Tower Tombs, an old grave in Aghitu. In Sisian we have our lunchbreak in front of a “stone symphony” and hike down to the Shaki waterfalls.
We spend the night in the Spandarian Reservoir.

A nice day on the road with a lot of little more or less hidden sights.

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