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Temperature drop at the Black Sea

After leaving Tokat in T-shirt, shorts and 22C degrees we arrive in Ünye in poring rain. Worst weather case for the so beautiful Black Sea coast.
We visit Ünye anyway as well as Ordu – both nice coastal cities with nice coast promenade, parks and restaurants.
A few cafes and restaurants are open but we rarely see nobody in there – it’s Ramadan. So we also respect not to eat or drink during the day in public. People fasting between sunrise, 6:00 and sunset 19:30, except for example children or medical reason. At 19:30 families and friends are coming together for the Iftar, the first meal of the day.

It’s a pity that the weather doesn’t invites us to one of the beaches. At least we get some of our postcards written.

Next to the city centers the coastline is covered with all high apartment buildings and a ridge of hills and mountains up to 1500 m.

The roads into the mountains are along rivers and very scenic. We pick one of these canyons into the Kuzalan Nature Park to reach the Kuzalan waterfalls and get surprised with heavy snowfall. Now the precipitation is beautiful and kind of romantic … We just leave early before the road is covered with snow and getting too slippery – we really don’t want to use the snow chains here in Turkey.

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