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The “Wings of Tatev”

I don’t know if I wrote it about it yet: Armenia is in a tense situation with Azerbeidzjaan since years. Only in 2020 five thousand young Armenians died in these fights around Karabagh (and a lot of Azerbeidzjaans, too). Along the streets in the villages hanging boards with (young) men who died in these fights. The region around the boarder is in military alert. These days ago there were again shootings at the border around Goris.

We planned to go all the way to the south of Armenia but we skipped this plan. We tried to check the situation and decide that Tatev in the Syunik region will be the farest south destination we’ll drive to (it’s around 25 km away from the last shooting).

On our way a lot of militaries are crossing, military trucks are covered in some fields, helicopters around. That’s how war alert looks like 🥺.

We are following the Armenia ‘s Silk Road over the Vorotan pass. The landscape is amazing. We are driving now all the way on a level of between 1500m and 2300m. The Caucasus mountains on both sides building the border to Azerbeidzjaan.

The region around Tatev is famous for its amazing steep Vorotan canyon. The cablecar “Wings of Tatev” is crossing this canyon.
Wings of Tatev is a 5.7 km cableway between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery in Armenia. It is the longest reversible aerial tramway built (in 2010) in only one section, and holds the Guiness World record for “Longest non-stop double track cable car”.

We “fly” with the cablecar, visit the monastery and the cave under the “Devil’s bridge”.
Our place for the night is just fantastic.

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