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Troja and Assos

We were looking forward to enter Turkey. While Greece was more a mixed between West and Middle East we are now diving in another culture. The boarder crossing was easy… a lot of turks flags all over, pictures of Atatürk on walls and flags and buildings, the logo of the national road construction company next tothere are three kind of roads… the highway/national road with very goed asphalt, a little road, asphalt with huge potholes and a lot of sandy gravel roads in all different sizes.

We want to stay on the mid-sea site of Turkey first, the climate is better now in December, we expect still kind of warm temperature.
We driving from Gallipoli (battlefield of Gallipoli, where the Turkeys won agains the Alliance in World War I) to Canakkale.

While it’s pouring rain I can convince Vincent to watch some more stones in Troja. The wooden horse is only a myth from Homer but the archeological site of the layers of the old city is interesting. Due the hyper inflation of the Turkish lira they raised the entry tickets of the archeological sides for tourists. (100TL~5Euro).

Otherwise for us life in Turkey is cheap. Food, grocery (1 bread 30 cent, coca cola 50 cent in the restaurant, diesel (1,01 Euro/l)

The next day is sunny again. After our first Turkeys coffee in Assos I walk up to the Temple of Athene on my own. Beautiful site up on the top of the hill with a view on the Greek Island Levbos. Nobody’s up there, some time to enjoy the mythical scene and try to “understand the stones”.

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