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Volos en Pilion

After a couple weeks of more or less Greece kite vacation we are on the road again. Leaving the area around Athene and hitting up slowly to the north of Greece. We spend some time in Volos. A nice modern ranged and clean city with a huge sail harbor and a nice boulevard along.

Lunch in a Tsiporadhiko restaurant means that you order a tsipouro (a sdestillated spirit like ouzo but stronger) and with every drink you order you get a little plate of mezhedes (appetizer/soort of tapas). The more you drink the more you eat. Pretty weared concept but very famous in Volos and the little cosy bars are full with old and young people.

Pilion is the little mountain peninsula next to Volos. From Volos we drive from sea level steep up to 1400 m on a curvy road through some vey cosy little villages. Vincent get some of the for this area famous “firiki” apples (apples of Zagora).
It’s nice to drive with great view but not with the Unimog. We find the ski area from Pilion and decide to stay here and don’t go further on this peninsula.

Special place for the night under a skilift – perfect for us.

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