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We zijn niet de enige met voorpret …..

Wij plannen nu tenminste de datum wanneer we in Mwandi aankomen en laten open hoe lang we blijven. Een brief van Paula Winland, ons contact bij het wezenproject, wil ik met jullie delen…….

“Hey Vincent
We too are very flexible. School starts back here on the 12th but for the first few days it’s just enrollment and stuff like that. Now we we still have with us a mother and daughter that will be with us and will be working on a hut for the orphans and I am sure they could use you guys to help out on the 18th we have a group of Social work students coming that come every two years (well the teacher does the students are of course changing every time) it is part of their school grade so I am sure that Sally and Margaret (the mother and daughter) would really love to have you guys help out. So it’s really up to you guys if you arrive here on the 11th it’s a Sunday and you have time to set up your camp and all that and get the feel of Mwandi. The 12th is just manic at the school so it’s best to go over on the 13th or 14th to speak to the head master to find your kids to sponsor. That would give you all a couple of days on hut building. The high school is the same its just mass confusion but I can take Kristin on the 13th when I go to pay for our high school kids we have sponsored……..
Vincent, you all can stay as long as you want until the first of July when the campers come in. It’s a really friendly place and very safe and we do have fun there is lots of tradition and culture it’s not a tourist place so it makes it very interesting.

Just let me know but I think you’ll find Mwandi a place that feels like home once you get accustomed to the barking dogs and crowing roosters it’s part of the village life!

Cheers Paula”

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