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Where can we go?

So we are in Armenia at the moment and our next destination is Kazakhstan.
The easiest way would be to take a ferry from Baku the harbor in Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan.

The problem is that the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is closed for years and the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan now for about three years also.
South via Iran is not an option for us since Amini’s dead last year is there to much going on.

Going back to Turkey is not allowed because after our travels there we can not get back in for 180 days.

This leaves us with only one way to Kazakhstan or any other destination. 750 km via Russia.

Since we do not want to sponsor Russia at the moment we could fill up diesel in Georgia and give it a go.
There might be one small problem. We travel with our Unimog expedition truck but the camper is formally registered as a truck and not as a camper in the Netherlands. This maybe a problem in Russia we heard.

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